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Quickie Stickies have an exciting offer for schools who believe that their students could benefit from this product.

A Quickie Stickie representative will visit the school and talk to the kids about the products and for every order received through the limited school offer - the school will receive $5.00 for each order received.

It is like a mini fund raiser without any effort on your part what so ever. So if you are interested in raising funds for your school talk to your principal and send us a message.

Organize and Personalize with Quickie Stickies.

Small Quickie Stickies

Small Quickie Stickies: 50 for $70.00TT or $10.99 US

Large Quickie Stickies

Large Quickie Stickies: 28 for $70.00TT or $10.99 US

Clothing Labels

20 Iron on clothing labels are $55.00TT or $8.99 US

Quickie Combo

Get 50 Small Quickie Stickies, 28 Large Quickie Stickies, for the price of $130.00TT or $20.99 US !!

Ultimate Combo

50 Small Quickie Stickies, 28 Large Quickie Stickies, 20 Iron on Clothing Labels, For $175.00TT or $27.99 US!!

About Us

Quickie Stickies personalized stickers were born out of the need to organize 3 small children combined with my love for stickers ever since I was a little girl. I cannot take credit for the idea as it has been around for sometime in the United States and Canada. But the prices were approimately USD $20.00 plus shipping and handling of an additional USD $5.00 as compared to our prices that start at TTD $ 55.00 for the same quantity of stickers.

I went to my husband and as the good man that he is he printed the stickers I requested for the kids so I could put them on any and everything that could possibly get lost. It helps that we have been in printing for over 15 years. He loved them too and made for himself and put them on his tools and cooler and whatever else he might accidentally misplace.

After that family and friends caught on to the idea of Quickie Stickies and started ordering for their own kids and were able to choose their own colour and symbol options and have become loyal customers. Orders are especially high at the beginning of each new term to label all their kids school supplies, lunch kits, water bottles etc.

As more and more people started ordering I told him that I needed to make it affordable so that a lot of moms could use these stickers to help organize their kid’s lives. Again he complied and went a bit further – if a school wanted to use Quickie Stickies as a fund raiser then a Quickie Stickie representative could visit the school and any orders received via the school would entitle the school to $5.00 for each order received. It was our way of giving back to the community and organizing at the same time.

We recently came up with an Ultimate Quickie Combo Gift Pack which is a perfect gift for a child of any age which consists of a set of large stickers, a set of small stickers and –iron-on clothing labels.